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Refurbished Hardware

Get access to the refurbished hardware with our ReVAR program New

We provide refurbished hardware solutions that are viable and cost-effective for your business. At Transpere, refurbishing is about continuing the hardware lifecycle by bringing them back to a state as close to brand-new as possible in terms of performance, reliability, service, and appearance.


Large Inventory of Refurbished Hardware to Fit Your Budget

We are one of the primary providers of refurbished hardware in the United States. We offer custom-built, direct-to-order hardware in large quantities. As we help companies to retire their technology assets, we process thousands of laptops, desktops, monitors, computer accessories, and any hardware you can imagine.

We also help you identify your IT hardware requirements and offer consulting services for your purchases.


Distribute Your IT Assets as Needed

We can be your logistics partner distributing your company assets to any location. We offer an array of secure logistics options to suit your requirements. Whether your business needs to retrieve hardware from an employee or ship thousands of hardware bundles to thousands of different locations, we can handle it.

Custom Imaging

Customize Your Hardware with Your Application Suite

We offer configuration and customization services to meet your business needs. We can reimage the unit with any standard OS or include your specific application suite and security policies as part of the process. Our team can purchase and install any software when preparing refurbished hardware for deployment.

Remote Workplace Infrastructure

Provide Secure Hardware to Your Employees

We have tailored our service to meet the demands of remote work conditions. We provide hardware deployment and retrieval services for your remote workplace and secure your company's data along the way. We can ship laptops, monitors, headsets, accessories, or kits to ensure remote employees' out of box experience.

Asset Management Portal

Manage Your Assets via Dashboard

You can track and manage all your hardware assets with complete lifecycle visibility, including every software license and device on and off the network. We utilize an online portal for your requests, such as deployment to a remote employee or office location, repair requests, employee returns, and IT support.

Warranty and Support

Refurb that Comes with Warranty

All refurbished hardware products come with a 90-day or 1-year limited hardware warranty. We offer different delivery methods for warranty service to add value to your purchase. Also, when you choose to manage your IT assets with us, we provide a Level 1 IT support service.

End-of-Life Services

ITAD Services When You Needed Most

When you need to refresh your systems or retrieve them from remote employees, we provide end-of-life services to recover value from the asset. We utilize software to automate the testing of all functions and record the results. We can offer value as part of the recycling or reselling process for any units not of redeployment condition

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Many people think, 'oh, it's refurbished, it's not going to be as good as new.' But that is a mistake, "Refurbished" implies that the hardware has gone through a comprehensive process, including repairs, replacements, and quality testing to bring it to a set standard of performance and quality.

By choosing refurbished, you have the opportunity to buy hardware with the same reliability and performance as a new one at a significantly lower cost. In addition to the solid price-point value, refurbished hardware can be better than new when you want a model that has been "road-tested" in the marketplace for a while. This way, you can ensure you get the quality and features you want.

Choosing refurbished hardware can be a responsible environmental choice as well. Buying refurbished contributes to a circular economy as it means using fewer of the natural resources required in new computers and less electronic waste.

All refurbished hardware products come with a 90-day or 1-year limited hardware warranty. We offer different delivery methods for warranty service to add value to your purchase.

Refurbishment involves a comprehensive and meticulous inspection process to meet quality and performance standards.

When a piece of equipment arrives at one of our facilities, it undergoes detailed testing to confirm that the system includes the correct components and that all of those components are functioning. All data is deleted from the hard drive, ensuring that none of the previous owner's files or information remains anywhere on the device. Also, the device is closely inspected for cosmetic damage according to the strict criteria for each tier.

Every refurbished computer is audited multiple times during this process to ensure it is meeting Transpere's quality and performance standards.

When you choose to manage your IT assets with us, we provide a Level 1 IT support service. This type of support for fundamental issues like solving usage problems and fulfilling service desk requests that need IT involvement.

We can also provide experienced and knowledgeable technicians to solve problems that cannot be handled by Level 1.

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