Ada Yulan Peng

Executive Chairwoman

Ada is a distinguished and proven leader in the technology industry having spent her entire career in the ITAD segment. In the early part of her career, Ada was the driving force behind the international expansion of a leading specialist ITAD business. She was responsible for establishing sales in thirty international markets, leading to exponential growth for the company.

Ada has extensive entrepreneurial skills and went on to launch two successful businesses, one of which pioneered innovative solutions for the remarketing of flat panel monitor technology.

As a hands-on Chairwoman at Transpere, Ada can often be found interacting with employees at various levels across Transpere’s regional facilities. This type of personal engagement is part of Transpere’s transparent approach to employee engagement, whereby all employees are viewed as valuable contributors capable of advancing Transpere’s business.

At a strategic level, Ada is focused on three key areas of the business. She leads the vision for the company’s expansion strategy both domestically and internationally. Industry-leading customer satisfaction is also a high priority, which Ada has an unceasing commitment to. The third area of importance is overall operational efficiency and execution which Ada treats as a strategic imperative. Ada brings to bear her extensive network of international relationships, which Transpere leverages as part of its global vision.

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IT Asset Disposition
  • Secure Data Erasure & Drive Destruction
  • Chain of Custody Management
  • Logistics
  • De-installation & Asset Removal
  • Asset Processing
  • Value Recovery
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Managed IT Services
  • Data Center Services
  • Migration Services
  • Cloud Services
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) Solutions
  • Procurement, Deployment, and Managed Services
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Data Destruction
  • Data Destruction and Erasure
  • Onsite Data Erasure
  • Mobile Hard Drive Destruction
  • Remote Data Erasure
  • Sensitive Data Destruction
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  • Data Center Decommisssioning
  • Onsite Data Wiping
  • Fully Traceable Chain of Custody
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Refurbished Hardware
  • Procurement
  • Logistics
  • Custom Imaging
  • Remote Work Infrastructure
  • Asset Management Portal
  • Warranty and Support
  • End-of-Life Services
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Remote Workplace Infrastructure
  • Remote Employee Equipment Delivery
  • Equipment Return Management
  • Repair and Replacement
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