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Importance of Managed Services – Reasons to Partner with an MSP

Last updated: 01 Nov 2021

IT managed service providers are more common than ever, but they’re still often misunderstood and underutilized. What exactly is a managed service provider, and is partnering with one the right choice for your business?

Here’s everything you need to know about MSPs, from what they are to how they can help— and why Transpere should be your first choice.

What is IT Managed Services?

IT managed services is a catch-all term for any outsourced administration tasks relating to your company’s IT needs. You might also see the acronym MSP, which simply stands for managed services provider. While managed services can technically apply to any services a company outsources to a 3rd party, this term is most commonly applied to IT-related tasks.

IT managed services may be outsourced on a full-scale basis or piecemeal, with outsourced services ranging from cloud storage, server maintenance, data backup and recovery, and authentication to networking monitoring and security, systems administration, and infrastructure management.

So, are many companies using a managed services provider to provide managed IT services? The answer is yes, and more and more are opting to go this route every day.

In fact, from 2019 to 2025, it’s projected that the global market for managed services providers will nearly double from $185 billion to $356 billion.

There are many reasons why more and more companies, particularly small to medium sized businesses, are working with a managed services provider. In this article, we’ll explore some of the motivations that might lead you to consider the benefits of a managed services provider for your own organization, for everything from cloud service migrations to data center consulting.

Why Your Company Needs Professional IT Services

Wondering why professional IT services provided by a dedicated MSP may be worthwhile for your company? Here are 9 reasons why businesses like yours consider hiring a managed services provider.

Lack of a clear IT strategy in some areas

When your organization lacks a clear IT strategy, even if it’s only in a few isolated areas, it can add up to become devastating to your productivity, efficiency, and data security. Many businesses make the mistake of thinking that MSPs are only worthwhile for businesses with a complete vacuum when it comes to their IT departments or strategies. But the truth is that even a company with a robust IT department can benefit from partnering with a managed services provider to bolster their weak points and provide a higher level of expertise across the board.

For this reason, it’s worth doing your homework to ensure you partner with a managed service provider that can provide the greatest benefits for your specific needs. Some of these questions may be useful:

MSPs can help businesses managing mission-critical systems like CRMs, ERPs, and other business-specific application portfolios by ensuring data is backed up correctly and quickly restored if issues arise; initiating workarounds or troubleshooting complex problems; supporting upgrades and hardware failures; monitoring system performance; and more. This ensures both parties are able to focus on their core competencies instead of spending time worrying about building or maintaining specialized infrastructure.

Diminishing level of responsiveness and IT issue resolution

It happens to the best of organizations— the more complex they become, they more they grow, and the more IT requests they take in, the slower the level of responsiveness and the longer the lag time between IT issues and their resolutions. This isn’t just frustrating for your employees, it slows down the productivity of your entire organization.

By partnering with an MSP, you can instantly supercharge the response time for IT requests and resolve issues much more quickly than before, making your whole company more efficient and effective, empowered to achieve more than ever.

An estimated $100 billion a year is wasted by American businesses on IT issues. 71% of users have had to wait longer than an hour for a technician to respond, and 25% of problems take more than a day to resolve. These costs –in terms of productivity loss—aren’t sustainable for any organization over the long term.

With a Managed Service Provider, you’ll have technicians on call at all times who work exclusively for your business. You can hand off all of your IT issues to them so that they are resolved immediately instead of days later, paired with comprehensive reporting features so you can understand what works and what doesn’t so you can adjust how you manage future IT requests.

Your employees will be happier knowing there is someone who can help them resolve their problems quickly, resulting in greater productivity for everyone involved—and the best part of it is that this makes inevitable downtime tedious instead of costly.

Distributed workforce that is struggling to be efficient

More than ever, companies everywhere are struggling with the growing pains that come from a workforce that’s distributed across multiple locations, both in-office and remote. Coordinating remote access, data security, IT requests, and more can become a major headache— and a major drain on company time and resources. With an MSP, managing remote and distributed workforces can be passed on to experts so that your employees can be their best wherever they are.

One of the biggest challenges in a distributed workforce is the fact that employees everywhere depend on their IT systems and network, but maintain little to no control over them. MSPs solve this by putting you back in charge of your IT infrastructure, providing an end-to-end solution for all your business’ technology needs— wherever your employees work.

A flexible service model allows companies to tailor services according to their needs; contracts can be set up monthly or yearly depending on requirements and desired budget. This allows companies to tailor services according to their needs. Contracts can be set up monthly or yearly depending on requirements and desired budget

Awareness that they have grown out of the current IT service provider’s capabilities

Many businesses have an established relationship with an IT service provider, but begin to find that as their company has grown and evolved, that provider is no longer meeting their needs. Transitioning to a new MSP can seem daunting, but it’s nothing compared to the cost of continuing to operate at less than peak performance due to an IT service provider that can’t keep up. Making the transition is much less of a process than you might think, and will instantly pay returns when it comes to security, efficiency, and effectiveness.

The first step to transitioning your IT business, and by extension all that it impacts, is determining what you’re looking for in a service provider. The goal should be to find an MSP that can consistently deliver results better than what your current provider does. Determining exactly where the breakdown occurs is important to finding an effective replacement. If you notice downtime, slow speeds, or frequent crashes prior to making this assessment, make sure to factor those issues into your search as well. Once you’ve created a list of criteria (using examples like uptime and response time), start searching for providers who meet all of them – and then some.

Realization that IT Security should become a bigger priority

IT security is rarely something that a business considers central to their business operations. Yet as more and more high-profile security breaches are devastating companies, customers, and reputations, more businesses are realizing that IT security should be a bigger priority. But what if your organization doesn’t have the resources to take on a greater data security emphasis? That’s where an MSP comes in, taking on the entirety of your security needs or augmenting your current system seamlessly.

In this day and age, it’s important to have a strong security system in place that prevents data breaches. Unfortunately, the reality is that most organizations don’t have the resources to do so. This is one major reason why an MSP can be beneficial; they offer services for IT security or augmentation of your current system seamlessly.

Assistance with IT leadership and accountability

An established managed services provider has the leadership and experience necessary to act as a boost to your organization’s accountability when it comes to IT needs. If your IT department or overall IT practices are lacking in vision, leadership, and accountability, an MSP can instantly step in and provide a combination of all three.

According to an article on ComputerWeekly, “Managed and cloud services providers (MSPs) can provide many of the benefits of a full-time IT department for several years without the high costs.” MSPs often exist in highly competitive markets, and leaders of these companies are able to lead by example and get results quickly. This is one reason why hiring such a company is such a good idea when trying to overhaul your organization’s practices.

Requirement to become compliant with a regulatory organization

If there’s one thing you can count on data regulations to do, it’s change. New regulations, laws, and compliance requirements are constantly popping up in this new world of hyper-focus on data security and customer privacy. Thankfully, a trusted MSP can keep you from being stuck when you find yourself non-compliant with some new regulation— all without disrupting the normal flow of your business and its goals.

However, you need to make sure that the trusted MSP is in compliance with these ever-changing regulations themselves. After all, when you’re working with an MSP there is the possibility of your data being stored on their systems (or their customer’s). You not only want to know they are compliant; you want them to help ensure that your business stays compliant—and remains out of trouble in the event of a breach.

Lack of IT documentation, processes, and procedures

Busy organizations can quickly find that their closely regulated IT processes, procedures, and proper documentation have fallen by the wayside. This isn’t just damaging to your efficiency and your bottom line, it can also leave you exposed to compliance or tax issues that can be profoundly costly. An MSP can step in and tighten up your documentation, processes, and procedures when it comes to IT so that you’re more streamlined than ever.

Having a process in place is not just key for compliance and data security. It’s also crucial for making sure that your company isn’t wasting money on redundancies, like having the same server running in two different places (or worse, paying to support it twice). An MSP can help you make use of technology more efficiently through better management and streamlining, which will save you money down the line when it comes time to budget.

Experiencing a slowdown in their operational maturity

An IT system at any organization should be consistent, reliable, resilient, coherent, and sophisticated enough to meet the full needs of your business. If you’re finding that your current IT system is falling short in any of these metrics, it could be time for a revamp— and an experienced MSP is the perfect partner to help you do it. Consistency, reliability, resilience, anc cohesiveness are all essential traits that combine in a quality MSP to ensure your organization is equipped for the present and the future of your security and overall IT needs.

Transpere Service Suite

Transpere is one of the most trusted managed services providers for the full range of IT needs. Whether you’re looking for one-off consulting to help you navigate a major IT transition or need full-scale IT services from a trusted third-party, we have the experience and expertise to help. Here are some of the key offerings we bring to the table for clients of all types and sizes.

Managed IT Services

Want the whole package? Transpere offers full managed IT services for a range of clients, taking on everything relating to their IT needs from project management to remote access and everything in-between. If you want the entirety of your IT requirements managed by experienced, efficient professionals, Transpere is an excellent option.

Strategic IT Consulting

While many of our clients partner with us on an ongoing basis to handle their IT needs, others request special consulting on a case-by-case basis. We offer strategic IT consulting that allows our clients to get the specific support, expertise, or analysis they need to execute small or large IT transformations within their organizations.

Project Management

Need your IT project(s) managed by industry-leading experts? Transpere can help, with our unmatched team of project management experts you won’t find in any other managed services provider.

Co-Managed IT Services Support

Many of our clients have IT services departments of their own, but need additional help in the form of high-level expertise or simply additional hands to get projects done. Our managed services provider partners closely with internal IT teams to augment and support their existing departments.

Compliance Assessments

IT compliance is essential for staying secure and avoiding costly fines from governing and regulatory bodies, but staying compliant can be costly and time-consuming for your internal teams. We offer full compliance assessments to quickly and cost-effectively determine whether your company is following all IT compliance requirements at every level.

Remote Access Solutions

In today’s work environments, remote access is essential— and secure access for remote workers is a major point of concern. We’ll help generate secure, seamless remote access solutions for your employees to keep remote access from becoming a security weak point for your organization’s data.

Remote Workforce

In addition to remote access solutions, we’ll help you manage the entirety of the IT requirements of managing a remote workforce— an essential service considering how many businesses are moving to full or at least hybrid remote work.

Cloud Service Migrations

Migrate your data to the cloud with a managed services provider that is deeply experienced in the entire process, making your data accessible from anywhere in an organized cloud database without compromising security.

Microsoft 365 Migrations

Need to migrate data and workflows within the Microsoft 365 system? We can help make this process seamless and straightforward.

Linux Solutions Design and Support

We’ve helped clients create custom Linux solutions, both designing the solutions and providing ongoing support to help them thrive and remain efficient and effective.

Business Communication Suites

Whatever your business communication needs, we’re the managed services provider that can provide fully custom communication suites to optimize your organization from the ground up.

Disaster Recovery and Data Resiliency

No one wants to experience a data disaster, but when you do, you want the most experienced MSP available. Transpere is one of the most trusted names in disaster recovery, and we’ll help make your data more resilient so that disasters occur less often and are less costly.

Want to learn more about why Transpere is one of the most trusted managed service providers available? Contact us today!

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