Bill Peterson


Bill Peterson

General Manager

Bill Peterson is the General Manager in Poway, California where he has overall responsibility for sales, operations, and business functions. His executive activities include the planning, organizing, coordinating, and decision making needed to position the company with strategic market solutions and to attain desirable cost and profit elements.

While in management for over 20 years, prior to joining the e-waste management industry he worked in manufacturing. He entered manufacturing after graduating California Polytechnic University with a B.S. degree with Honors. His career in manufacturing was defined by a drive toward efficiency, agility, quality, and cost control. Managing engineering and production functions such as product design/development, process improvement, quality, and enterprise management, he made his mark with several regional and national manufacturers.

Before joining Transpere, Peterson was General Manager for another national electronics recycling and asset management firm. Since entering the e-waste management industry the operations under his management have supported state legislated e-waste recycling programs in Oregon, Washington, Utah, and Hawaii. He has successfully applied his management experience to electronic waste collection, logistics, environmental compliance, de-manufacturing, resource recovery, universal waste handling, and hazardous waste disposal. His executive skills continue to provide critical leadership on P&L oversight and management


All Transpere facilities has been audited and granted Responsible Recycling© R2:2013, the premier global environment, worker health and safety standard for the electronics refurbishing and recycling industry certificate, along with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certifications by PERRY JOHNSON REGISTRARS, INC.